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Innovative meeting centre in Utrecht.

Youmeet offers meeting and workshop spaces hosted by creative professionals as well as training sessions in innovative ways of working. The spaces in Youmeet provide specific environments according to five steps in the creative process.

‘Speak’: presenting ideas, hosting discussions;
‘Create’: generating ideas, hosting brainstorm sessions;
‘Design’: visualising concepts, laboratory for developing ideas, strategies and solutions;
‘Decide’: taking decisions in a concentrated setting;
‘Reflect’: reflecting upon ideas and strategies in an informal atmosphere.

In contrast to common practice, where all stages of the creative process are run through in a generic space, this meeting centre assigns specific, balanced environments to each step in the process. These spaces support the activities in terms of setting, atmosphere and high-end IT technology. Youmeet is a physical manifestation of the creative process.

The project is designed as an open floorplan, allowing the space to be perceived as one continuous space. Floor and ceiling form a neutral background on which objects and furniture divide the space into the zones mentioned above. Birchwood elements, incorporating storage spaces and fitted with presentation screens and sound installations create divisions between the rooms. Glass partitions ensure acoustic insulation while allowing communication, unobstructed views and plenty of daylight.

The hospitality area is subdivided by the reception desk, coffee counter and sitting area. These monoliths remain low in height as to not interfere with visual connections. While creating a homogeneous space by the use of a limited set of finishes each rooms character remains unique. The individual spaces are planned and equipped according to their specific role in the creative process according to a common theme. Sprikk designed carpets, upholstery fabrics and furniture for each space. The haptic qualities of natural materials are combined with high-end communication- and presentation technologies.

project: interior for a meeting centre, finished Februari 2010
location: Papendorp, Utrecht, The Netherlands
team: Johan van Sprundel, Max Rink, Klaas Kresse
contractor: Steenland Interieurbouw B.V.
pictures: Edward Clydesdale Thomson

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